Time Warp Festival

VJing for Time Warp DJ-sets and full night visuals for stages since 2011. Stage design of Floor 1 in 2012 and 2013. Always a collaborative work with Anatol Fried and the Cosmopop team.

2013 | ABYSS


Making Of

2012 | THE WALL


Making Of


2011 | VJ-SET @ MILANO


The electronic music producer Loreto invited DubLab to create two web videos for his Stranger EP (2017). Two different approaches – introspective and rithmic.


Abstract landscapes around mysterious scenarios.


The tension surrounding ethical, moral, citizenship, political values in an age where the possibility of war looms over the planet.


Coloris “…the biggest paint of my life” is a street art project, where the public is invited to draw directly on building with a digital pen followed by special illustrators. Interactive and fun are the motes for Coloris.


In a close collaboration with Dubfire, DubLab developed the concept, stage and visuals for SCI+TEC world tour. Half box stage design mixed with extremely minimal black and white content and red accents.

Casa da Música

We made seven installations at Casa da Musica (CdM) since 2011. Commissioned by Optimus and NOS (tele-communication brand), we had artistic freedom to create installations on CdM, appropriating the space as part of the clubbing parties.


Panoramic Room 1

A surrealistic, hypnotic living-room. Live music sync with mapping and live paint video.


Panoramic Room 2

“Tape-Mapping”, mixed hand-draw with dj-set. Surreal landscapes.


Light Ray

3D light net surrounding a special room at CdM.



“Tape-Mapping” projection. Christmas thematic mixed with local party line-up.



Abstract landscapes on mysterious atmospheres.


Casa da Musica 10th Anniversary

Decorative line-up event.


City Wall

“Tape-Mapping” on allegoric city landscapes.

Dub Video Connection Legacy

1997 Promo Dub Video Connection. Analog experiments.

2001 Promo Dub Video Connection. LUX residency years.

“Invaders” (2005 – 2008) was an audiovisual live performance project by João Carrilho (aka Dub Video Connection) & Fernando Fadigas. Cinema sampling mixed with minimal techno music using the Pioneer DVJ-X1.



Festival Cultrónica – Teatro Municipal de Bragança 2008.
Invaders Live + Conference.

Anti-Pop Festival, Viana do Castelo 2008;
Anti-Pop Festival, Viana do Castelo 2007;
Anti-Pop Festival, Viana do Castelo 2006; 

FUSE – III Encontro Design Multimédia / Conferência no Auditório da ESEC, Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra //// INVADERS AV SET – Via Club Coimbra.  http://ndsim.esec.pt/pagina/fuse/

OFFF LIsbon 08’ – Closing Party http://www.offf.ws/

REC2006 – Auditório da Faculdade de Belas Artes, Lisboa 2006; www.fba.ul.pt/projectosiniciativasMenu.asp?idprojectosiniciativas=2&idMenuLeft=198

Ambvisual 2006, Escola Superior de Dança, Lisboa 2006; www.ouve.net/2006/10/ambvisual_arte_.html

Village Festival (Inauguração / Opening) – Festival Internacional de Cinema Digital, Cinema S. Jorge, Lisboa 2006; http://lisbon06.villagefestival.net/pt/

Europa Vox 01, Cleremont Ferrand, França 2006 / cancelled show;  www.europavox.com/edition2006/

Festival Número – Festival de Artes Digitais, Cinema e Música, Lisboa 2005; www.numerofestival.com/programa.html www.numero-projecta.com

Imago Fest – Festival Internacional de Cinema e Vídeo Jovem, Fundão 2005;   www.imagofilmfest.com/7pt_edicoesanteriores2005.htm

Super Stereo Demo, Castelo de Linhares da Beira,  Guarda 2005; www.superstereo2005.variz.org/

Passos Manuel, Porto 2005; www.passosmanuel.net/

Paco Osuna

In a collaboration with Fran Balsa from B4B and Paco Osuna, DubLab developed an exclusive visual concept based on space traveling, where Paco is surrounded by planets, alien glyphs and mysterious landscapes. From 2016 to 2017 we toured with Paco for VJing and occasional stage designs.

Paco Osuna @ Neopop 2017

Paco Osuna @ Fabrik Madrid 2016

Paco Osuna @ ADE 2016

Macro Series

Experimental video art clips using macro lens technics. The invisible becomes visual.

Material: Ink

Material: Ice

Material: Ferrofluid

Loco Dice

From 2011 to 2017, exclusive visuals for Loco Dice tour. Latest collection based on hip-hop hand-draws visual moods.