Art Installations

Fusion – Meditations Around Eternal Energy at XIX Fundação Bienal de Arte de Cerveira, from 15 July to 15 September, 2017.
In this installation we invite the spectator to a visual confrontation with the image of the sun, to inspire a philosophical reflection on the importance of the hydrogen fusion phenomenon.

It produces clean energy without radiation, and the electricity created is greater than the energy expended in the process. By recreating this formula, humanity could enter a new era of energy creation: eternal energy. Can you imagine the consequences? How long do we have to wait?


Coloris “…the biggest paint of my life” is a street art project, where the public is invited to draw directly on building with a digital pen followed by special illustrators. Interactive and fun are the motes for Coloris.

DubLab Exhibition

Dub Lab exposição

Dub Lab @ Who Gallery, Lisboa

Dub Lab 2011 teaser


Av Mood

3D Type

Building Draw

Casa da Música

We made seven installations at Casa da Musica (CdM) since 2011. Commissioned by Optimus and NOS (tele-communication brand), we had artistic freedom to create installations on CdM, appropriating the space as part of the clubbing parties.


Panoramic Room 1

A surrealistic, hypnotic living-room. Live music sync with mapping and live paint video.


Panoramic Room 2

“Tape-Mapping”, mixed hand-draw with dj-set. Surreal landscapes.


Light Ray

3D light net surrounding a special room at CdM.



“Tape-Mapping” projection. Christmas thematic mixed with local party line-up.



Abstract landscapes on mysterious atmospheres.


Casa da Musica 10th Anniversary

Decorative line-up event.


City Wall

“Tape-Mapping” on allegoric city landscapes.

Paco Osuna

In a collaboration with Fran Balsa from B4B and Paco Osuna himself, DubLab developed an exclusive visual concept based on space traveling, where Paco is surrounded by planets, alien glyphs and mysterious landscapes. From 2016 to 2017 touring with Paco for VJing and occasional stage designs.

Paco Osuna @ Neopop 2017 | Full Set