/dʌb/ verb [with object]
2. make a copy of (a sound or video recording)
2.1 Transfer (a recording) from one medium to another


/lab/ noun [informal] 
1. a laboratory; any place, situation, set of conditions, or the like, conducive to experimentation, investigation, observation, etc

Art beyond...

DubLab is the new label of Dub Video Connection, mix-media studio based in Lisbon since 1997. DubLab used to be the name of our Arts & Experimentation department, but now we became this department. New name, new life.

Stage & Visuals design for music labels and artists. We create concepts, visual contents and technical engineering projects for live performances. On top of that, we offer a long time experience with branded content and institucional video mappings on corporate events.

Our mission is to combine audiovisual technology with creativity, to achieve new sensorial light and video communication with the public. All this skills together, create excellence on project managing for show tours, DJ artworks and event design.