Sven Väth

Sven Vath 50th adversary party at Mannheim was a epic event. 10.000 people reach the party with a very rare and unique installation set-up. The stage design was a collaboration between Mathias Rebeger (Plastic Artist), Cosmopop (Time-Warp) and DubLab (as content design, operations system, VJ and Stage Design consultant).

Since 2016 DubLab is touring with Sven Vath with a very special visuals concept.

Sven, with his “Mystical” presence, personality and unique sound drive is represented on visuals with a sense of “human soul” recreation on abstract shapes and forms…All visuals are auto-generative and sound reactive on live visuals. Also live Kinectk camera emerges as an supplement extension of Sven´s soul.