Neopop Festival

DubLab started his journey with Neopop Electronic Music Festival (formerly known as Anti-Pop) in 2006, with the mote “Creative freedom and visual innovation”. It’s our main platform for experimentation on live visuals, stage design, light design and visual concept. Every touring that we do nowadays, started in some way at Neopop.


An ultra wide curved video wall embracing the dancefloor.
Concept: data analysis interfaces, scan animations, horizontal energy
Tech: P6 Led

2017 | THE BOX

A massive video wall, designed as an open box, offers plenty of visual space for live bands and also visuals for DJ-sets.
Concept: macro inks, data analysis interface and abstract shapes.
Tech: P15 Led

2016 | STORM

Suddenly, shinning lines appear in the air, creating a storm sensation.
Concept: Stormy clouds, obscure planets and abstract graphics.
Tech: P6 Led + Video tubes (RGB, Pixel addressed)


2015 | CUBES

Suspended led cubes with light fixtures inside the stage creating a tridimensional sensation.
Concept: Square colorful psychedelic graphics.
Tech: P15 Led

2014 | GARDEN

Nature forms and materials, invoking a garden feeling. Backdrops and screen trusses, all covered with camouflage and circular screens.
Concept: Nature
Tech: 20k video projectors on front projection screens.

2013 | LUNNAR

Redbull Music Academy Stage. 50´s sci-fi scenario that evokes old school movie ambients.
Tech: 3 layer, video mapped wood made forms. 2x6k + 20k video projectors