Casa da Música

We had 7 installations done on Casa da Musica (CdM) since 2011. With Optimus and latter NOS (tele-communication brand)sponsoring, we had artistic freedom to create installations on CdM, absoving the inside space as part of the Clubbing parties.


Panoramic Room 1

A surrealistic, hypnotic living-room. Live music sync with mapping and live paint video.


Panoramic Room 2

“Tape-Mapping”, mixed hand-draw with dj-set. Surreal landscapes.


Light Ray

3D light net surrounding a special room at CdM.



“Tape-Mapping” projection. Christmas thematic mixed with local party line-up.



Abstract landscapes on mysterious atmospheres.


Casa da Musica 10th Anniversary

Decorative line-up event.


City Wall

“Tape-Mapping” on allegoric city landscapes.